We are the pioneer of 3D technology in Bangladesh. We provide 3D technology for both printed media and digital media. We also offer high quality 3D glasses.

Our 3D books were the best seller in Dhaka book fair. These two books represent our cultural heritage and language. Just looking at the pages of the books with naked eyes rather seems very ordinary and nothing special. But, once you put your 3D glasses on, and then look at the pages, something magical happens. The pictures in the pages come to life. The simple flat pictures get depth. They seem so real, so tangible that you might get a bit confused what is reality. You will feel like touching the 3D objects in the pictures. It is something you will have to experience to understand how great fun it is.

The book “3D Bangladesh” is a fascinating three dimensional journey through our dear country. For some of the pictures it will seem like, you are looking through a small window at the real place right in front of you. And, for some other pictures, it will seem like the places popped right out of the pages towards you. The book also gives some brief description about the place in both Bangla & English. This is a great fun book for every one to have. It will also help to promote Bangladesh.

“3D Bornomala” brings the theme “Only fun in learning”. This book is too much fun. Think about seeing a Royal Bengal Tiger standing right on your desk, or how about a lion or may be different fruits of Bangladesh, or a Palki. Place the book on a flat surface like a table and then look with 3D glass from 45 degree angle. And, your wild dream will come true. The pictures on the pages are standing up right on the page. It is totally cool.

We also offer 3D equipments and lots of 3D services. The application of this 3D technology could be pretty revolutionary in Bangladesh. Some potential sectors which could have huge positive impact using 3D are –

- Garments
- Education sector
- Marketing
- Entertainment industry
- Media

In recent years, big wig Hollywood directors and producers are working on 3D versions of their movies. We believe Bangladesh should be part of the long fun journey. And, we are here to help anyway we can.

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